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* [[Sevilla Carpets | Sevilla Carpets]]
* [[Sevilla Carpets | Sevilla Carpets]]
* [[Tritrophic Interactions | Tritrophic Interactions]]

Current revision

  • MeCoSim: Membrane Computing Simulator.
    • MeCoSim (Membrane Computing Simulator) is a software application that offers the users a General Purpose Application to generate their own specific simulators by simply customizing a configuration file for each case study.
  • PMCGPU project:
    • PMCGPU (Parallel simulators for Membrane Computing on the GPU) is a project whose purpose is to provide high performance tools for simulating P systems. These tools are based on CUDA, but they can also use OpenCL, or OpenMP for multicore CPUs instead. This project was born in the pLinguaCore project. The webpage is still under construction.
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