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pLinguaCore is a Java library which performs models definition, simulators and formats. This library reports the rules and membrane structure read from a file where a P system is defined, detects errors in the file, reports them. And, if the P system is defined in P-Lingua format, locates the error on the file. This library performs simulations by using the simulators implemented as well as taking into account all options defined. It reports the simulation process, by displaying the current configuration as text and reporting the elapsed time. Eventually, this library translates files, which define a P system, between formats, for instance, from P-Lingua format to binary format. This library is free software published under GNU GPL license, so everyone who is interested can change and distribute this library respecting the license conditions.

The last version of pLinguaCore is pLinguaCore 4.0.


  • pLinguaCore 4.0
    • It is added support for Spiking Neural P systems.
    • It is added support for Kernel P systems.
    • It is added support for Tissue-Like P systems with Cell Separation Rules.
    • Some bugs are fixed.
  • pLinguaCore 3.0
    • It is added the simulation algorithm called DCBA for Population Dynamics P systems (PDP systems).
    • It is added a new binary output file for PDP systems.
    • Stochastic P systems are discontinued.
    • Some bugs are fixed.
  • pLinguaCore 2.1
    • It is added tissue-like P systems with division rules.
    • Some bugs are fixed.
  • pLinguaCore 2.0
    • It is added several cell-like P system models and built-in simulators for each supported model.
  • pLinguaCore 1.0
    • The initial version, it is able to define active membranes P systems with division rules



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