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A command-line simulation tool based on pLinguaCore


Command-line syntax

(Don't forget to run the simulator with java -jar plingua.jar on a terminal, plus the following)

plingua_sim [-h] [-input_format] input_file -o output_file [-to timeout] [-st steps] [-mode simulatorID] [-a] [-b] [-v verbosity_level]

Optional arguments in brackets.


  • [-h]: Print this help information.
  • [-input_format]: Select an input format file. XML by default.
  • input_file: The input file.
  • output_file: The output file.
  • [-to timeout]: A timeout in milliseconds.
  • [-st steps]: Number of steps of simulation.
  • [-mode simulatorID]: Select the simulation algorithm.
  • [-a]: Simulation with alternative steps.
  • [-b]: Simulation with steps back.
  • [-v verbosity]: Verbosity level, 0-5.


  • plingua_sim -PLI sat.pli -o report.txt -v 5
  • plingua_sim -PLI example.pli -o file.txt -st 100 -to 100000



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