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A command-line compiler tool to translate between any supported input format (P-Lingua by default) to any supported output format (XML by default).

It checks possible programming errors (both lexical/syntactic and semantic).


Command-line syntax

plingua [-h] [-formats] [-input_format] input_file [-output_format] output_file [-v verbosity_level]

Optional arguments in brackets.


  • [-input_format]: A valid input format. P-Lingua format by default.
  • input_file: The input file.
  • [-output_format]: A valid output format. XML format by default.
  • output_file: The output file.
  • [-v verbosity_level]: Verbosity level between 0 and 5. 3 by default.
  • [-h]: Shows this help.
  • [-formats]: It shows available file formats.


  • plingua sat.pli -bin sat.bin -v 5
  • plingua -xml sat.xml -bin sat.bin
  • plingua -formats
  • plingua -h



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