Repositories management

The repositories management system is inspired in Eclipse, where we have a number of repositories we can add to our program (in our case MeCoSim instead of Eclipse) and contains a number of accesible elements to install.

MeCoSim repositories are of four types for the following purposes:

  • Manage repositories of plugins, showing the repositories viewer for plugins, selecting repository and installing some plugins.
  • Manage repositories of apps, installing a custom app config (that is, importing its .xls file).
  • Manage repositories of models, installing a model (that is, importing its .pli file).
  • Manage repositories of scenarios, installing a scenario (that is, importing its .ec2 file).

MeCoSim comes with one default repository per type, but anybody can define its own repositories in a public URL, making available its own plugins (.jar), apps (.xls), model (.pli) and scenarios (.ec2), such a way that any MeCoSim user can use it by adding them to its MeCoSim repositories. This process is explained here:


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    In this video, apart from the installation of elements from the repositories, a first use of the imported components is shown:

    • Load of the new custom app, from MeCoSim main Window > New.
    • Run of the app.
    • Open one of the imported scenarios.
    • Set Model, setting the imported model.
    • Use of Graphs plugin for visualizing the initial graph related to the opened instance.
    • Simulate, running the computation of the set model for the given scenario.
    • Use of Graphs plugin for visualizing the tree of graphs obtained as a result of the simulation (one graph per membrane and step of computation).