Simulating Population Dynamics P Systems with Proportional Object Distribution

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Population Dynamics P systems (PDP systems, in short) refer to a formal framework for ecological modelling. The semantics of the model associates probabilities with rules, but the rules are also applied in a maximally parallel way.

This webpage includes all the material used in the paper DCBA: Simulating population dynamics P systems with proportional object distribution. The paper introduces the Direct distribution based on Consistent Blocks Algorithm (DCBA), a simulation algorithm which address the inherent non-determinism of the models by distributing proportionally the resources. A model for the Bearded Vulture ecosystem has been used as example.



  1. Put the files SimulationWorkflow.jar and Bearded_vulture_BWMC12.pli in a folder.
  2. From the command-line, navigate to the folder and write: java -jar SimulationWorkflow.jar (a Java Runtime Environment is needed)
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