PGSP systems: Pieris oleracea

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Probabilistic Guarded Scripted P (PGSP) systems are an extension of Probabilistic Guarded P (PGP) systems, which is a type of probabilistic model of multienvironment P systems. PGSP systems

PGSP systems have been used to study the behaviour and conservation trends of Pieris napi oleracea, (P. n. oleracea, for short). This species, commonly known as mustard white butterfly, is native from eastern North America. The aim of the model is to predict population growth trends and evolutionary responses of several genotypes of this species, considering the concurrent invasions of the exotic plant garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata), and another exotic, Cardamine pratensis.

This web page provides current versions of PGSP systems simulators, both in pLinguaCore and as a C++ standalone simulator, and also a GUI for using them all: MeCoGUI.


  • MeCoGUI jar (Java executable) file, including all dependencies and an extended pLinguaCore version supporting PGSP systems.
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