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General areaTopics Replies Last Post
General questions, comments and suggestions
If you want to say something and you don't find the appropriate forum, you can post here.
Mon 10th 4:06 am
P-Lingua website
About this website...
Sun 4th 9:20 am
If you are new on the forums, you can submit here.
Thu 1st 9:36 pm
Non-English zone
Please, the official language for the forums is English. But, if you need to speak other languages, you can do it here.
Thu 1st 9:30 pm
Off-topic zone
You are welcome here in order to express yourself about off-topic contents: Music, movies, travels...
Tue 7th 8:03 pm

P-Lingua areaTopics Replies Last Post
The P-Lingua programming language
P-Lingua is a programming language to define P systems, the P-Lingua files can be used as input format for several simulators and other applications. Questions, comments and suggestions about the P-Lingua programming language.
Tue 21st 9:18 am
The pLinguaCore Java library
pLinguaCore is a GNU GPL Java library which implements parsers, built-in simulators and methods to export P system definitions to several file formats. Questions, comments and suggestions about pLinguaCore.
Mon 27th 3:45 am
P-Lingua applications
Software and hardware applications can be developed by using P-Lingua as input format and, eventually, the pLinguaCore Java library. Questions, comments and suggestions about applications with P-Lingua.
Wed 2nd 11:38 am

Software and hardware for membrane computingTopics Replies Last Post
Developing software for membrane computing
General discussions for software developers: Software simulators for P systems, simulation algorithms for P systems, programming questions, programming strategies, programming languages, software frameworks, libraries, toolboxes, etc.
Wed 2nd 11:45 am
Developing hardware for membrane computing and hardware architectures for membrane computing
General discussions for hardware developers and general discussions about hardware architectures. What is the best architecture to simulate P systems? Clusters, FPGAs, GPGPUs, computer networks, single computers, etc.
Project presentations
If you are working in some software/hardware application for membrane computing, you can submit it here. Completed works are also welcome.

P-Cuda areaTopics Replies Last Post
General discussions about programming General Purpose Graphic Processor Units (GPGPUs) by using the CUDA/C++ programming language. P system simulators for GPGPUs. Questions, comments and suggestions.
Wed 2nd 11:49 am

Membrane computingTopics Replies Last Post
Computational complexity theory
General discussions on computational complexity theory for membrane computing. Questions, comments and suggestions.
Fri 26th 9:58 am
Modeling real-life processes by means of P systems
General discussions about modeling real-life processes: Biological processes, ecosystems, economics processes, etc. Questions, comments and suggestions.
Membrane computing community
General information about events related to membrane computing: Conferences, workshops, seminars, meetings, etc.

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